Friday, 2 March 2012

Camera Test: Face/Snake

Initial test to play with the equipment, try some basic animating and evaluate problems/issues that may arise in final designs...

it was way fun! The colours of the photos are too dull and the features look shadowy, but i think i will work with the same images, just edited slightly differently. I really like the effect of the oversized eyes and the blinking, alongside the main action of the tongue being stuck out... The snake design really needs some work (the one shown here was a very basic model i made weeks ago to try out the mechanism of the thread/tape holding the sections together)- it'll have to be thinner, with smaller segments to make a smoother slither. also, i'll have to keep the snake-skin more uniform so that the movement can actually be seen and understood. 

Next I want to try sliding the snake through the mouth of the face, by cutting a slit and pulling it through...

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