Friday, 10 February 2012

Previous Animations

Oh, I've dabbled...

Some very hashed together animations from previous projects.

'Daksinakali: My Mistake' is an image of me taking the pose of the Hindu Goddess Kali sticking out her tongue as a sign of her mistake. I collected all of the mistakes I made in a week and pulled them out of my mouth... An act of regret and acceptance, whilst imitating the image of Kali. This piece was projected to be the scale of a wall, in a dark room.

Another stop- motion animation where I lay out around 10kgs of rice onto a bedsheet and manipulated it in front of the camera... Playful experimentation.

A piece I made as part of a larger project, interpreting a private letter found on the road:

I put together some drawings I made into a sort-of animation to add movement to them...

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