Friday, 17 February 2012

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Kali: The Black One

Fierce Mother Goddess of dissolution and the destruction of illusion. A warrior known for her bloodthirsty brutality, devouring enemies and dancing on battlefields- drunk on their blood.

Kali is often used as a symbol of aggression and ferocity, but what I think is most important about her character is the paradoxical personality traits that are often ignored. Kali is first and formost a manifestation of the Mother Goddess Durga in her time of battle. Kali remains a Mother and is fiercely protective, thus caring. As the legend goes, at the sight of her husband Shiva she calms from the heat of battle and embraces him, a gesture that Kali devotees claim to show the Goddess as humane and nurturing. These devotees feel a very intimate relationship with 'Ma Kali' ('Mother Kali') and feel protected and loved in the worship of her...

I would really like to explore this relationship between anger/love, brutality/humanity, ferocity/beauty as a further investigation into the Hindu Goddesses. Kali shows another more complex side to the feminine archetype described by the pantheon of Hindu Goddesess, and I aim to represent her energy visually in my animation.

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